Breaking Barriers Building Bridges has helped to transform the lives of families across Nottingham battling some of the challenges their circumstances, living conditions and life-decisions bring.

We often find ourselves helping young people who come to us for help in a personal crisis, including family breakdowns, violence, debt, domestic violence and bullying. We have also offered support to sex workers, and victims of sexual exploitation navigating court and/or the justice system.

We have been involved in more and more cases of mediation where there has been intimidating behaviour, violence and sometimes fatal incidents in the community. We have managed to prevent situations from escalating and helped ensure young people stay out of the criminal justice system, jail and stay alive.  

We have seen an increase in cases of young people new to the UK trying to carve out a place for themselves and their families.

Somali Boys Project

We held regular sessions for 22 young men, covering different aspects of citizenship and the challenges of life in the UK, as well as healthy relationships, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, employment and education, and actions and consequences. We also organised a weekly game of football for them.

Three of those who took part have since moved on to university and six have gone into further education. 

The Freedom Programme

A 13-week domestic violence and healthy relationship training package delivered alongside Nottingham Muslim Women’s Network and the Central Locality Domestic Abuse Forum. We continue to support women after the programme ended, with one-to-one and group sessions.

Detached Youth Outreach

A report by professors at the Nottingham Trent University,, concluded that there had been a reduction in the reports of violence against the person for 2019 within the area where the team worked and within the surrounding areas during the period of time the outreach team operated from the number of reported crimes recorded during the same time in 2018.  All the team are trained in mentoring, are DBS checked, are up to date with safeguarding training and have years of experience in youth outreach work.